Someone Took My Parking Spot

When starting a parking session using a ParkMobile parking zone number, you aren't reserving a parking space but are starting a real-time parking transaction. As long as you are parked in the parking area, your parking is valid until the session has ended. If you decide to leave early and return to the parking area, you are expected to pay for a new parking session. This is the same process if you were to pay at a physical meter. 

Depending on your parking location, some areas allow you to enter and exit the premises without needing to pay again, but with others, it is prohibited. If the parking area does not allow this, re-payment for your parking session would be required upon return. You can start a new parking session using the Parkmobile system (which would initiate another charge to your desired payment method. We highly recommend checking the local signage for your area for more specific information about the established parking regulations.
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