Can I change a transaction if I entered in wrong information?

Parking transactions can't be changed after they are created and are made to be tamper-proof.

If you created a parking session but then identify an error in one of the required pieces of information (like zone number, space number, location, or license plate number), you'll need to take one of the following actions depending on where you park:

Where allowed, stop the active parking transaction and then create a new transaction using the correct information.

If you park in an area where you select an interval or a block of parking time in advance (and agree to the charge in advance), these transactions can't be stopped (as it isn't allowed by your parking authority). In this case you'll need to make the decision to either pay again by creating a new parking session with accurate information so the parking attendant can identify your payment OR risk being issued a citation because of entering incorrect information. Some parking authorities allow a one-time forgiveness for errors such as this, but most do not. If you want to reach out to your parking authority to learn more, please refer to local signage or meters to get the contact information for the correct agency.

*If you are creating a second session with the same license plate number and the same zone number (but a new space), please note that you will be able to start an accurate session after the 3 minute delay window has passed. Currently, the only methods to start a 2nd session are on our website using your mobile browser (, or by dialing in to the automated voice response system. Note that this means you WILL be initiating another parking transaction and therefore another charge to your payment method on file. We can't refund you for any mistaken transaction, as Parkmobile is only the payment solution and does not collect the parking fees you pay. Your parking charges go directly to the parking operator for your area, and Parkmobile does not have the ability or access to refund or reverse charges to your card.

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