Why must I select my location?

Parking authorities and operators define their own zone numbers and sometimes a zone is assigned the same number by two different operators. For example, zone number 2232 may exist in Grand Rapids, Michigan and also at the lots operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), meaning that every time you park in this zone you will be prompted to select the correct location.

Be careful to select the correct location so you are charged the posted parking rate that corresponds to your exact location and to avoid a citation, wheel boot, or towing, or other penalty.

Note that when you call the toll-free number to initiate your parking session, you are NOT prompted to select a location after entering the zone number. This is because each geographical area has its own toll-free number. So if you call the toll-free phone number for Grand Rapids and you enter zone 2232, for example, the Parkmobile system will automatically choose Grand Rapids as the location for you, based on the phone number you dialed.

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