What is a zone number and how do I find it?

Your Parkmobile zone number is a required part of your Parkmobile transaction. Parkmobile zone numbers are posted on the green Parkmobile signs or stickers located in your parking area. Parkmobile zone numbers are at least three digits, only contain numbers (no letters or special characters), can't start with a zero, and are shown in the black box on the green Parkmobile sign or sticker. You'll see the words "Your parking zone #:" near the box with the Parkmobile zone number shown.
Parking attendants use the zone number (in addition to your license plate number and/or space number, depending on your parking authority's requirements) to identify your Parkmobile payment.
To learn more about zone numbers in your area, view the Help Center article for your city/area in the Parking Area Specific Info forum by typing in your city name as a keyword and clicking 'search'.
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