What if I have a temporary or dealer tag?

In most parts of the country where Parkmobile is offered, license plate number is a critical part of your Parkmobile transaction, as it will help officers identify your payment and avoid issuing a citation or other penalty.

If you have a temporary tag, you can add it as one of your vehicles - just remember to go in and change it after you are issued your permanent license plate.

If you have a dealer 'tag' instead of a temporary tag, your next steps are a little different and may vary based on where you are parking. In most cases you can enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or as much of it as is accepted by our system. But in some areas the enforcement officer would check the first characters of your VIN and in other areas they may check the last characters. To be sure of what is important in your area, you may want to check the Help Center article for your specific area. You can do that by searching on your city name or view the entire Parking Area Specific Information forum.

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