Can I reserve a parking space using Parkmobile?

This article references parking sessions created through the mobile app, mobile website and IVR Phone system. For information about parking reservations visit our Parkmobile Reservations Help Center (In order to use the Parkmobile Reservations system, the facility or venue must have coordinated with us to offer this service at their location.)

Can I reserve a parking space using Parkmobile?

Parkmobile payments made through the mobile app, mobile web, and IVR phone system are real-time and begin when you initiate them. You cannot reserve a space or pay for a future date or time with our service. When you physically park your vehicle you should access our system with your preferred method (app, online, or by phone) to pay for the spot you've occupied. You can check with your parking operator to see if they offer any kind of parking spot reservation service or allow you to make future payments.



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