How do I Start a Parking Session in the Mobile App?

After registering a new account or signing into an existing account, you are prompted for your Parking Zone Number:



After entering the zone number, you should review the location associated with the zone number that you entered. If your GPS is turned on for Parkmobile, the app will populate your city or location based on that. If incorrect, you can tap the location field to change it. Additionally, you can choose to park a different vehicle by tapping the Vehicle field (the license plate number you set as primary/default is what populates here):



Depending on the zone coding for your parking area, as determined by your parking operator/authority, you may be prompted to choose the amount of time you would like to park. In areas where specific blocks of time are offered (daily rate, night rate, etc.), you will simply tap that option. Otherwise, you can choose your desired time in hours and minutes, as shown below.

Note: if your parking area allows for the functionality for you to start your session and stop it when you are ready instead of selecting your time and submitting a charge in advance, this duration selection step will be skipped and you'll be taken directly to the confirmation to start parking screen shown in the next step.



In cases where only one parking duration exists, the confirmation to start parking screen is automatically populated. The confirmation to start parking screen also appears after you have selected the amount of time you would like to park (discussed above) or when you are in the areas mentioned where you aren't required to choose a duration in advance:




When you tap "Start Parking" in the confirmation to start parking screen discussed in the previous step, your session will be activated and the "Active Session" screen will be shown. If a problem exists or your charge doesn't successfully process, instead of getting the screen shown below you would receive an appropriate error message instead. 



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