How do I view and print my parking history?

Parkmobile stores every parking transaction associated with your account from the first transaction to the most recent. You can view your parking history in our iPhone and Android mobile apps, and also in your Personal Pages. In the mobile apps, tap the icon for your session history to see your most recent transactions. In your Personal Pages, specify a date or date range and then you'll have several ways in which to search for transactions on your account:

  • Specific vehicle
  • Specific mobile number
  • A combination of vehicle and mobile phone number
  • All vehicles for a specific mobile number
  • All mobile numbers for a specific vehicle
  • All transactions regardless of vehicle or mobile number

To view and print your parking transaction history:

1. Sign in to your Personal Pages

2. From the left navigation list, click Parking History. The History page appears.

3. In the Period fields, enter the date range of the parking history you want to view or click the calendar icons and select specific dates.

Tip: To retrieve a parking transaction for a specific date, select the same date on both calendars. Note that if the end date crosses over to the next day, you must select the next day on the second calendar.

4. To view parking transactions that belong to a specific mobile phone number and/or vehicle within the selected date range, select the item from the corresponding list and then click Search. The results appear on the page. To view all parking transactions within the selected date range, click Search. The results appear on the page.

5. Click the > symbol at the left edge of the text box in order to expand the transaction so that all the details are visible.

6. Save the parking history page with your payment verification on it as an image file or PDF. To print the transaction history, use the print function from your Web browser. For example, click File, and then select Print.

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