How do I add another user or phone number to my account?

You can have up to five users on one Parkmobile account. You can associate each user with a unique license plate number or select an existing license plate on your account, but each user must have a unique phone number and email address. If you carry more than one mobile phone or you want the capability to extend your parking session from a traditional land line, add yourself as a second user but enter a different phone number. You can either enter your name again as it already appears on your account or you can customize the name to differentiate between the two users. For example, if your second phone number represents your business mobile phone, you could enter your last name as something similar to "lastname-Corp-Acct" such as "Jones-Corp-Acct." This way you can search and print the parking transactions that belong only to your business mobile phone for expense reimbursement purposes.

To add another user or phone number to your account:

1. Sign in to your Personal Pages (see What are Personal Pages?).

2. From the left navigation list, click Users. The Accounts page appears.

3. Click Add new account. The Related Account Details page appears.

4. Enter the user's first and last name, 10-digit phone number, and email address.

5. In the Vehicle section, either enter a new license plate number or select an existing number from the list, and then click Add next to the corresponding option.

6. Click Save.

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