Why would I be told that my mobile number is already in use?

This message is received when you are trying to register a mobile number that is already associated with a ParkMobile account. Since your mobile number is the unique identifier for your account, the system will not allow two accounts to exist under the same mobile number. You would typically receive this error message when you've registered through our automated phone system which does not capture your email address. Therefore, your account is in the system, but you did not set up your own username and password information. Upon registering in the automated system, you will receive a text message containing your temporary login credentials. If you do not have access to that text message, you will be able to access your account by going to www.parkmobile.io. First, click ‘Sign In’. At the next screen, you will click ‘Can’t login? Continue >’ and enter your mobile phone number. A text message will then be sent to your mobile number. You will click the link contained in the text message in order to create a new password for the account. Your username is your 10 digit mobile number (no spaces and no dashes) or your email address. Once you’ve created a password using the link, you’ll be able to sign in online or to the Parkmobile mobile app.

If you're receiving this message and are unable to resolve the issue, submit a support ticket here in the Help Center. To add an email address to your account, we will need your 10 digit mobile phone number, and an identifying piece of information like the last 4 digits of your credit card on file, or your license plate number. We will add your email address to the account and send you a link to create a password for your account. 

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