How can I use Visa Checkout to pay with Parkmobile?

You can now use Visa Checkout to pay for parking with Parkmobile. Visa Checkout is a service which allows you to store your contact information and credit card details with them and much more quickly register and/or pay for your parking with us. By associating your Visa Checkout account with your Parkmobile account, the information is shared with us (and any other merchant you choose) and it reduces the number of steps and amount of time you must spend getting your Parkmobile account registered.  We recognize that your time is valuable and we are excited to offer this additional feature to make paying for parking even more simple!

Visit the Visa Checkout website to learn more.

If you are an existing Parkmobile customer and you would like to add Visa Checkout, you can do so in your Personal Pages or in the Parkmobile mobile app. You can also add Visa Checkout using the mobile web app. Instructions for changing your payment method to Visa Checkout within your Personal Pages are shown below, but note that changing your payment method within the mobile apps will vary by app. In most cases, visit the Settings within the app, then select Payment Methods or Payment Method Management. Tap to link your Visa Checkout account. You will be directed to Visa Checkout’s website to enter the required information there.

To change your payment method to Visa Checkout in your Personal Pages:

1. Sign in to your account with your login credentials.

2. From the left navigation list, click Payment Method. The Payment Method page appears with your current payment method information shown.

3. Click Manage Visa Checkout to link to or create a Visa Checkout account to serve as your Parkmobile account payment method. Whichever credit card you place in your Visa Checkout account will automatically populate your Parkmobile account as your primary credit card. 

4. While you can put any major credit card in your Visa Checkout account, not all parking areas accept all credit card types. View the parking area specific article for your area to determine which credit card types are accepted there.

5. Choose Continue in the Visa Checkout window to save it as your payment method.


To remove Visa Checkout as your payment method, simply enter the credit card details directly in your Parkmobile account which will then overwrite the association with Visa Checkout.


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