How do I create a Company Fleet or Business Account?

To create a Parkmobile account for your business or company fleet:

1) Go to and click "Sign Up Now".

2) Click "Zone Parking & Business Accounts".

3) Click "Sign Up Now" on the top right side of the screen.

2) Choose the last Membership option of the list which is "Company Membership" and click "Next". (This membership carries a membership fee of $0.99 per vehicle per month.)

3) Enter all of the required information, going to the next screen to enter your payment method information as well. Complete all fields until you receive on-screen confirmation that the account is now registered.

4) Then complete the spreadsheet below (click 'Corporate Fleet Signup of Sub-Accounts.xlsx) for all of the drivers or users you'd like to add to the account.

5) Send an email to to the attention of the 'Fleet Specialist'. Attach the spreadsheet below if possible. Indicate you've created your company account and would like assistance adding your sub-account users to the account. The Fleet Specialist will reply with any further questions or to request any additional information in order to assist you with the further customization of your new company account.

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