How do I set up a Company Membership?

At you’ll want to choose the Sign Up Now! link for our quick and easy registration process. Choose the Company Membership option, which is $8.99 per license plate per month, beginning 10/16/2023.

The system will guide you through the prompts to create the main account, and then you’ll need the names, mobile numbers, license plate numbers, and email addresses of the sub-account holders. They will receive email confirmations of parking sessions and can set up separate login information. Please note that only the main account holder will have full access to the account to make changes or updates. All parking charges on the account will be processed to the same card.

Once you’ve got the users set up, using the Vehicles link, you can add license plate numbers for yourself or your sub-account holders, and you’ll also have an opportunity to verify that all of the license plate numbers on file are linked to the users/mobile phone numbers who use them.  Once you’re in the Vehicle Overview, click on the > symbol to choose primary vehicles for each user. The primary vehicle would be the one that they drive most; the system will offer it first when they create parking transactions.

After you’re registered, there are a number of ways to start a parking session. You can call, click, or tap to park. You’ll need your license plate number, your zone number (located on ParkMobile signage and/or stickers near the honor box in your lot), and your parking space number (if applicable).

CALL: The ParkMobile signage in your lot will display the regional specific phone number that you can call to start your parking using our automated voice response system.

CLICK: You can also use the browser on your phone to visit: to start your parking that way. You can also use your Personal Pages located on our website to start your parking.

TAP: If you have a supported device, as shown here: You can download our mobile app to start your parking transactions.

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