Is my account and credit card information safe?

  1. Parkmobile utilizes industry standard encryption methods to ensure cardholder details (name, credit card number, etc.) are stored using strong encryption algorithms
  2. Parkmobile stores all credit card data offsite at a PCI Level 1 datacenter
  3. Parkmobile is a PCI Level 1 vendor
    • Which means we have been audited to ensure that our cardholder capture, handling, encryption and storage are all compliant with industry methods
  4. No Parkmobile employee has any access to any cardholder data (it is inaccessible in all manners)
  5. Users do not have access to their own cardholder data within the Parkmobile environment
    • They must re-enter, or add new data on the website or mobile application
  6. While Parkmobile utilizes trusted methods to ensure cardholder data is protected, it is outside the scope of Parkmobile security to ensure that a customer computer or mobile phone is not compromised
    • There are numerous methods by which hackers may steal information from computers and hand-held devices, and the entry of personal data is at risk at any time depending on your physical surroundings and the security of your network or device.
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