What are the parking costs? What will I be charged?

Parkmobile is a pay by phone parking service, and is offered in your area as a payment solution. As such, local parking authorities set and charge the fees for your parking sessions. Please refer to parking area regulation signage and fee schedules. You can usually find this information in your parking lot, garage or on your meter or pay station.

In addition to the fee you'll pay for parking, you may also be charged a transaction fee for using the Parkmobile pay by phone service to pay for your parking.

To learn more about transaction fees in your area, view the Help Center article for your city/area in the Parking Area Specific Info forum by typing in your city name as a keyword and clicking 'search'. Note: In some areas, the parking operator has chosen to absorb the transaction fee on your behalf. Visit this article to see which locations waive the transaction fee.

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