How does enforcement know I've paid?

When you log in on your mobile app or call the toll-free number for your parking area as noted on posted signs or stickers, the ParkMobile system will prompt you to select a vehicle and enter a zone number (if your parking area requires a space number you'll be prompted for that as well). After you start your parking session correctly using this information, the parking attendant verifies your parking session by matching the license plate number and/or space number to the zone number in which you are parked.

Note that in most parts of the country if you park in an area with a meter rather than a pay station or payment box, the meter will not be activated when you start your ParkMobile transaction. Therefore, parking enforcement attendants will check your license plate number, zone number (and space number, if applicable) to verify your paid ParkMobile parking session. In very few areas the parking meter technology does allow integration of this information directly with the meter. If you have questions about the meters in your area, please feel free to submit a support request and we'll check that for you and respond ASAP. Additionally, to learn more about the way in which enforcement will view your payment, view the Help Center article for your city/area in the Parking Area Specific Info forum by typing in your city name as a keyword and clicking 'search'.


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