Miami Beach, FL - Zone Numbers Range From 88414-88906

ParkMobile is a pay by phone parking solution and certain information varies depending on your location. Note that the information in this article is ONLY for the parking areas operated by the City of Miami Beach, FL where ParkMobile is offered.

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Transaction Fees (based on Membership Level and Payment Method):

There is no cost to register with us or to download one of our mobile apps. The transaction fees charged when you initiate a parking session are in addition to the regularly charged parking fees for your area. Transaction fees vary based on which level of membership you choose and which payment method you choose to use. View our Memberships article to learn more about the different membership levels. View What is Parkmobile Wallet? to learn more about ParkMobile Wallet and how it works.

The transaction fees for all non-gated parking areas are as follows:

Membership Level   ParkMobile Wallet as Primary Payment Method   With Other Payment Methods
Basic   0.30   0.35
ParkMobilePro   0.30   0.30
Company   0.30   0.30


How Will Enforcement Officers Know That I've Paid? Will My Payment Show on the Meter?

ParkMobile payments do not integrate with the meters in this area. While your payment will not show on the meter, the officer will use your license plate number and zone number to view your ParkMobile payment on a handheld device. As such, please make sure to add any additional license plate numbers to your account before creating a parking session in order to make sure your parking transactions are correctly created.

Zone Number Information and Range:

Zone numbers are a critical part of your transaction and must be recorded correctly in order for your parking session to be identified correctly by the parking enforcement officers. Zone numbers vary by location. The zone number listing below is provided as a reference only. You MUST identify your ParkMobile zone number from the ParkMobile signage located in your parking area to ensure you start your session correctly. If your parking area appears in the list below more than once you must ensure you confirm the zone number in your parking area on the ParkMobile signage before starting your parking session.

In the parking areas in Miami Beach, FL zone numbers have been updated. The new zone numbers for all non-gated parking areas range from 88414-88906.

The old zone numbers range from 11414-11623, and have been deactivated in the system. Please refer to table below to see new associated zone.

Old Zone Number New Zone Number Location Name
11414 88414 1755 Meridan Garage (metered area)
11501 88501 Washington Avenue
11502 88502 1st Street & Ocean Dr.
11503 88503 Washington Avenue
11505 88505 6/7 & Meridian
11507 88507 Collins & Euclid Ave.
11509 88509 Alton 7th St.- Dade Blvd.
11511 88511 Alton & 20th St.-Purdy-Dade Blvd.
11512 88512 West Ave & 17th St.
11513 88513 West Ave & Lincoln Rd.
11516 88516 137 Washington Avenue 
11517 88517 Convention Ctr. Dr. & 17th Street
11521 88521 19th Street & Meridian Ave
11522 88522 Collins Ave
11523 88523 22 Street & Park
11524 88524 Collins Ave & 21st St
11525 88525 Ocean - Biscayne - 15th St
11526 88526 Collins Avenue
11528 88528 Collins Ave & 6th St
11530 88530 Pinetree-Alton - 40th to 42nd St
11531 88531 42nd Street Garage (metered area)
11532 88532 42nd Street & Royal Palm
11533 88533 40/41 Street & Chase
11534 88534 47th Street & Pinetree
11535 88535 41st Street & Alton
11536 88536 41st Street & Jefferson
11537 88537 Collins Avenue
11538 88358 Harding & 71st St
11539 88539 72nd St. & Collins
11540 88540 Carlyle & 71st St
11541 88541 Collins & 76th St
11542 88542 71st St. & Harding
11543 88543 75th & Collins
11544 88544 Lincoln Lane & Lenox
11546 88546 Lincoln Lane & Meridan
11547 88547 Lincoln Lane & Jefferson - W
11548 88548 Lincoln Lane & Jefferson - E
11549 88549 Lincoln Lane & Euclid
11550 88550 Lincoln Lane & Michigan
11551 88551 Collins & 11th Street
11552 88552 Washington & 9th Street
11553 88553 Washington & 10th Street
11556 88556 Collins Avenue
11557 88557 Washington Avenue
11558 88558 Convention Center Drive
11559 88559 Collins Avenue
11560 88560 Collins Avenue
11561 88561 Indian Creek Drive
11562 88562 Indian Creek Drive
11563 88563 Collins Ave & 34th St
11564 88564 Collins Ave & 35th St
11565 88565 Collins & 13th Street
11567 88567 Indian Crk & 65th St
11568 88568 Collins & 64th St
11569 88569 Collins & 46th Street
11570 88570 Collins & 45th Street
11571 88571 Collins & 53rd Street
11572 88572 Collins Ave & 27th St
11574 88574 Carlyle & 72nd St
11575 88575 83rd & Abbott
11576 88576 Bay Dr & 70th Street W
11577 88577 Normandy Isle & Bay Dr
11578 88578 Normandy Isle & Vendome
11579 88579 Normandy Isle & Bay Rd S/S
11580 88580 Bonita Drive & 71st St
11581 88581 Collins Avenue
11582 88582 Lincoln Lane & Lenox
11584 88584 Collins & 80th Street
11585 88585 Collins & 84th Street
11586 88586 Purdy & 18th Street
11592 88592 40th Street & Royal Palm
11594 88594 40th Street & Prairie
11600 88600 Collins & 79th Street
11601 88601 Collins & 83rd Street
11602 88602 South Point Lot
11604 88604 4th & Alton Lot
11611 88611 Lincoln Rd. So. & Lenox
N/A 88615 87th & Collins Avenue
11617 88617 78 Washington Avenue
11618 88618 71st Street & Byron
11620 88620 23rd Street & Liberty Avenue East
11621 88621 23rd Street & Liberty Avenue West
11623 88623 73rd Street & Dickens
N/A 88906 19th St & Convention Center Dr

Area Specific ParkMobile Phone Number:

The ParkMobile toll-free phone number to reach the automated system to register and/or start or extend your parking sessions (for all non-gated areas) is: 877-727-5714. If you are parking in the parking areas in Miami Beach, FL and call any other ParkMobile phone number you will be at risk parking in a zone in the wrong geographical area and the parking officers in your area wouldn't see your parking payment in that case.

Credit Cards Accepted:

The payment methods accepted in your area are:  PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Parkmobile Wallet.

Can transactions in zones in this area be stopped? Extended? Why or why not?

You can not stop a session once started. You must select the amount of time you want in advance and pay for that time with your credit card. If you chose more time than you needed, you will not be able to stop the session or get a refund.

You are able to extend your parking time, if you see that you need more than the amount you initially paid for, as long as you haven't already chosen the meter maximum. Example: if the meter maximum is 2 hours, and you chose 1 hour, you can then extend your session before it expires for an additional hour. Note that extensions are separate transactions, and therefore each extension carries a transaction fee as well.

What do I do if I get a parking citation in this area?

ParkMobile does not own, operate, manage or enforce the parking areas. We don’t issue tickets and we can’t remove them for you. We can provide you with the contact information for your parking authority, if you don’t have it, so you can contact them to begin your dispute. You can use your parking receipt from your Personal Pages to include with your dispute.

To dispute a citation, follow the instructions on the ticket or call 305-604-4785. You can log on to your Personal Pages online at to obtain a receipt for your parking session.

Note about special rates for residents of Miami Beach:

There are two prices associated with each location. If the vehicle's license plate has an active resident parking permit with Miami Beach, you should see the parking rate reduced by a percentage when parking in specific zones in South Beach, and paying for parking through ParkMobile (percentages will vary by zone). If you do not have an active resident parking permit, please contact the City of Miami Beach or click here 


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