My zone number is not recognized

You may get a zone not recognized message if:

        You are calling a toll-free number associated with a different geographical location. Be sure you are calling the toll-free number located on the ParkMobile signs or stickers which have our logo.

        You are entering a number other than the zone number displayed on the ParkMobile sign or sticker.

All ParkMobile signs and stickers have our logo and include a zone number. ParkMobile zone numbers are 1 to 8 numbers and can't start with a zero. If you enter the zone number as shown on the ParkMobile sign or sticker and you still have trouble, you should consider paying for parking another way for that session so you aren't issued a penalty. Feel free to submit a support ticket here in the Help Center with the details, and we'll investigate and provide you more assistance for next time.

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