"Tweet This" Option

What does 'Tweet This' mean and am I required to use it?

From time to time we hear from Members who either don't understand what this is or they think it is a required part of starting their parking sessions. It is NOT a requirement. We received tons of feedback from our Members who are active in social media channels and asked to have an easy option to tweet when they use our service (so they can tell their friends). We listened! But we want to make sure you understand it is completely optional.

First, let's look at a screenshot of an active session in the iPhone app (the 'Tweet This' functionality is coming soon to the Android app.)



The screenshot shows an active session and in the top right under the 'time remaining' timer, you'll see the Twitter icon with 'Tweet This'. Tap 'Tweet This' If you have a Twitter account and you'd like to tweet that you just used our service. If you don't have a Twitter account or if you have no interest in tweeting this information, just don't tap 'Tweet This' and simply proceed as you normally would.

If you do tap 'Tweet This' another screen will appear, like this:


You can just tap 'Send' to tweet the text shown. Or, feel free to revise the text to include more info like "...and I love this app!" before you tap 'Send'.

Again, using Twitter or tweeting that you've used our service is completely optional. It will not change your parking session or account in any way.

Happy tweeting!


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