How does the 'Visitor' functionality work in Personal Pages?

The visitor functionality allows you to pay for someone's parking fees without having to add their license plate number to your account. To use this option, you’ll first need to login to your Personal Pages online at Once you’ve logged in, simply choose Start Parking from the list of links at the left side of the page. Next, click the Visitor tab located to the right of the User tab. The system will prompt you for the information it needs to start a parking session. Be sure to follow all the prompts until you've reached the parking confirmation screen. You will not need to remove the license plate number later as it has only been used to create one parking session!

Please note that the parking sessions initiated using the visitor functionality can only be managed online at our website while signed in to your Personal Pages. You will NOT be able to use the automated phone system or mobile apps to extend or end these parking sessions. If you start a parking session for an area that allows you to end the parking session early, please ensure that you will have access to the website to stop your parking session to avoid being charged for time you do not need.

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