How do I use Parkmobile at EV Charging Stations?

Do you park at an EV Charging Station that displays Parkmobile signs and/or stickers?

If so, you can use the Parkmobile app or website to pay for charging and/or parking. It's an easy process, but you may find the information shown below helpful when you are getting started.

IMPORTANT: Parkmobile serves as a payment solution for charging stations that use various types of charging equipment. Please note that we don't actually own or operate the actual charging machine as that is operated by an electric vehicle charging provider.

This section outlines general instructions for using Parkmobile at the EV charging station in your area, as well as detailed instructions on using the Parkmobile app to pay. Essentially, you need to understand what to do at the station and how to use the Parkmobile app as a part of the parking and payment process. We'll address both of these below.

How do I use the Parkmobile app to pay for my parking at the station?

To start your charging session at an EV Charging Station, you will need to register an account with Parkmobile. Please see the article "How Do I Register an Account in the Mobile App?" for more information about registering with our service. 

There are Parkmobile signs and/or stickers posted at the EV charging stations where Parkmobile is offered as a payment option. The signs will provide you with the zone number needed to pay with Parkmobile. You should register with Parkmobile before you plan to use the app to pay for the first time. This will make the process go more smoothly and you'll be ready to pay quickly rather than taking the time to register at the time of your parking stay.

Your payment will be processed after each of the below steps are followed. The payment will process through your Parkmobile app and you will not need to make a payment at the charging machine.

1) Remove the connector from the EV charger dock.

2) Plug the connector into the charging port on the EV.

3) Launch the Parkmobile App 

4) Enter the posted zone number and space number (if required) or scan the QR code. 

5) Pay for charging and receive an authorization code. The active session screen will show your EV charging code, and you will also receive it via text. 

6) Enter the code on the keypad mounted on the EV charger, and press the pound (#) sign. 

Once you have finished charging, remove the connector from the vehicle and put it back on the dock. 

Are there step-by-step instructions of what I should see or do in the Parkmobile app?

As mentioned above, after downloading the Parkmobile app and registering your account, you will be ready to use it the first time. To pay for your parking you will need to access the Parkmobile app, and follow the instructions contained in the article "How do I Start a Parking Session in the Mobile App?". Essentially, you will be entering the zone information posted on Parkmobile signage, choosing the amount of time you would like, and confirming the details of your parking session. 

What if the charging machine does not work and my vehicle does not charge? 

You'll want to review the following troubleshooting suggestions. EV charging stations use various types of equipment, so these solutions may vary based on the type of equipment being used in your area. If these troubleshooting tips do not resolve your issue, you would need to call the number posted on the local signage to assist you with a broken charging station as Parkmobile does not own or operate the charging station.

Problem: The Charging light on the charger does not pulse on and off when the EV is connected.

Possible Reason Solution
The EV is not connected properly. Remove and try again. Confirm the Charging light is pulsing properly.
There is a technical problem with the charger, connector, or the EV. Confirm the red Protection light is not on. Try a different charger (if available).


Problem: There are no sounds and flashing LEDs when numbers on the keypad are pressed.

Possible Reason Solution
The station is not receiving power or detects an unsafe condition.                                                                Confirm the green Charging light is not lit or pulsing. Confirm if the red Protection light is on. Try a different charger (if available). 
The keypad is not synchronized. Contact the machine's manufacturer for assistance. 


Problem: There is a flashing red LED and a “raspberry” sound when the code is entered.

Possible Reason Solution
You may have entered a wrong code. Check the code and re-enter it.                 


Problem: After entering the authorization code the charging session does not start.

Possible Reason Solution
You may have entered a wrong code (and hear a "raspberry" sound).                                  

Check the code and re-enter it.

You may have forgotten to push the # sign after your 8-digit code. Re-enter your code, followed by the # sign. Even if you entered wrong digits, continue entering the right code.*
The small green LED above the keypad does not stay lit. Contact the machine's manufacturer for assistance.

*Note: The charger will only read the last 8 digits you entered after you hit the # sign.


Problem: The Charging light is on (steady) but the EV is not charging.

Possible Reason Solution
There is a technical problem with the car.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            If you have any timer settings activated on the vehicle or if the key is in the ignition, remove the key and/or reset the timer setting. Try a different charger (if available). Consider taking your car to the dealer to confirm proper operation of vehicle charger. 


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