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Parkmobile is a pay by phone parking solution which also allows you to pay at electric vehicle charging stations. Certain information varies depending on your location. Note that the information in this article is ONLY for the electric vehicle charging stations in Costa Mesa, CA at Newport Mesa Church, 2599 Newport Blvd, where Parkmobile is offered as a payment option. 

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Transaction Fees

Payment Methods

Zone Numbers

Session Management

Transaction Fees:

The Parkmobile transaction fees are waived in your parking area as the Newport Mesa Church is not charging their customers a transaction fee at this time. The Church absorbs the cost of the transaction fee, so you only pay the standard daily parking rate when using Parkmobile, just as you do when you pay at the parking areas. 

When registering for pay by phone parking service with Parkmobile via our website you're given two membership options: "Preferred Membership", which offers a 10-cent discount on the transaction fee and which carries with it a monthly fee, and "Basic Membership", which has no monthly fee. In your area, it currently makes the most sense for you to select the ‘Basic Membership’ instead of the ‘Preferred Membership’. Since your transaction fees are waived, you would not receive any benefit from a discount on a transaction fee that is already waived. 

By default when you register via any other method other than the website, your membership level is set to "Basic Membership". 

Additionally, there is no cost to download one of our mobile apps and no cost to register via a mobile app or online.

Payment Methods Accepted:

The payment methods accepted in your area are: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Parkmobile Wallet

Zone Number Information:

Zone numbers are a critical part of your transaction and must be recorded correctly in order for you to successfully start the EV charger. Zone numbers may vary by street or area. You MUST identify your Parkmobile zone number from the green Parkmobile sticker on your meter.

In Costa Mesa, CA at Newport Mesa Church the zone number is 3501.

Can transactions in zones in this area be stopped? Extended? Why or why not?

You cannot stop an EV charging transaction once you have chosen 'Start Parking' from the mobile app. You must select the amount of time you want in advance and pay for that time with your credit card or other accepted form of payment. If you chose more time than you needed, you will not be able to stop the session, receive a prorated credit, or get a refund. If you need to stop your EV charging before the amount of time you've paid for has ended, you can press the Stop/Start button on the charger. 

Due to the setup between Parkmobile and the EV charging station, it is not possible to extend a session that is in progress.

Need more information about how to use the Parkmobile app at EV Charging Stations?

If you have more questions about the service in general, and also want to see a step by step guide on using the Parkmobile app to pay for your parking at EV charging stations that offer Parkmobile as a payment option, visit the How do I use Parkmobile at EV Charging Stations? and the How do I Register an Account in the Mobile App? articles for information.

If you are having trouble with the actual EV charger (not the Parkmobile app), please call (714) 966-0454.

Information for Vanguard University Community 

Vanguard Staff, Faculty, and Students should contact the Newport Mesa Church Business Office to take advantage of discounted monthly rates. Contact Kathy at for further details.

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