ParkMobile's Corporate Fleet Accounts

Save time and money by using the ParkMobile Fleet program to keep track of all of your fleets' vehicles and parking receipts! ParkMobile fleet accounts allow you to manage an unlimited number of users and license plate numbers on one account.

  • No cost to register and no long-term contracts
  • Signing up is quick and easy
  • All of your data is protected using the highest payment processing industry standards
  • The admin of your account can create reports by date, employee, or vehicle

The administrator of your fleet account has the ability to manage your account
online via the ParkMobile Personal Pages. This includes the ability to update payment information, add license plate numbers, manage users, and even initiate parking sessions online. Your fleet account administrator also has the ability to view every parking session created by the individuals on your account. The sessions show in real-time, so you’ll never have to wait to pull a report.

The sub-users will receive email confirmations of parking sessions, and will be able to set up separate login information. All parking charges made on the account will be processed to the same card. Please note that only the main account holder will have full access to the account in order to make changes or updates.

The ParkMobile Corporate Fleet account does carry a monthly fee of $0.99 per license plate number per month. In most areas, the Company Fleet account qualifies for a discounted transaction fee. Transaction fees vary depending on the area in which you will be parking. You can find information regarding transaction fees by visiting the Locations Category of our Help Center. You will be able to search for any city where ParkMobile is offered. Transaction fees will be listed in this location specific information. In the Help Center, you will also find information about the Parkmobile Wallet which makes fleet management even easier!

If you're ready to set up your ParkMobile fleet account, please click here.

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