Milwaukee, WI - Zone Numbers Range From 101-99930

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Parkmobile is a pay by phone parking solution and certain information varies depending on your location. Note that the information in this article is ONLY for the areas operated by the City of Milwaukee, WI where Parkmobile is offered.

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Transaction Fees

Where Will Payment Appear?

Space/Zone Numbers

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Payment Methods

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Citation/Parking Operator Info


Transaction Fees (based on Membership Level and Payment Method):

There is no cost to register with us or to download one of our mobile apps. The transaction fees charged when you initiate a parking session are in addition to the regularly charged parking fees for your area. Transaction fees vary based on which level of membership you choose and which payment method you choose to use. View our Memberships article to learn more about the different membership levels. View What is Parkmobile Wallet? to learn more about Parkmobile Wallet and how it works.

The transaction fees for this area are as follows:

Membership Level   Parkmobile Wallet as Primary Payment Method   With Other Payment Methods
Basic   0.27   0.38
ParkmobilePro   0.20   0.25
Company   0.20   0.25


Why are there four different transaction fees to pay for parking in Milwaukee on MKE Park?

1)   If you park at a city of Milwaukee meter infrequently, you might just want to use your credit card registered to your account and pay the $0.38 transaction fee when at a meter.

2)   If you park occasionally at City of Milwaukee meters and/or other Parkmobile locations throughout the United States, you can load a Parkmobile Wallet with a minimum of $25.  Each time you park using the Wallet, the parking fee plus a $0.27 transaction fee will be deducted from the Wallet balance.  This saves you $0.11 per transaction.

3)   If you use MKE PARK at least 16 times per month, you might want to select the ParkmobilePro Membership by paying a monthly fee of $0.99.  With that, your transaction fee is reduced to $0.25 per transaction. 

4)   An even less expensive way to park if you park at a city meter at least 16 times per month would be for you to become a ParkmobilePro Member. You register to pay $0.99 per month and then you load the Parkmobile Wallet with a minimum of $25.  With that, each transaction fee is only $0.20

Remember, the Wallet is used to pay both the parking fee for the time you choose AND the transaction fee.

How Will Enforcement Officers Know That I've Paid? Will My Payment Show on the Meter?

Parkmobile payments do not integrate with the meters in this area. While your payment will not show on the meter, the officer will use your license plate number and space/zone number to view your Parkmobile payment on a handheld device. As such, please make sure to add any additional license plate numbers to your account before creating a parking session in order to make sure your parking transactions are correctly created.

Space/Zone Number Information and Range:

Space/zone numbers are a critical part of your transaction and must be recorded correctly in order for your parking session to be identified correctly by the parking enforcement officers. Space/zone numbers vary and you MUST identify your Parkmobile space/zone number from the Parkmobile sticker.

In Milwaukee, WI the space number listed on the space marker signs will equal the zone number. Your space/zone numbers will range from 101 - 99930.

Area Specific Parkmobile Phone Number:

The Parkmobile toll-free phone number to reach the automated system to register and/or start or extend your parking sessions is: 877-727-5955 (877 PARK 955). If you are parking in Milwaukee, WI and call any other Parkmobile phone number you will be at risk parking in a space/zone in the wrong geographical area and the parking officers in your area wouldn't see your parking payment in that case.

Credit Cards Accepted:

The payment methods accepted in your area are:  PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Parkmobile Wallet

Can transactions in zones in this area be stopped? Extended? Why or why not?

You can not stop a session once started. You must select the amount of time you want in advance and pay for that time with your credit card. If you chose more time than you needed, you will not be able to stop the session or get a refund.

The space/zone where you are parked is limited in time to what the posted sign reads on the block of your metered space. If you pay for your parking with MKE PARK and do not pay for the maximum time, but then want to use MKE PARK to pay for the remainder of the time left until the maximum, you MUST do so PRIOR to when your original time session is due to expire. If you wait until after your original time expired, you will not be able to extend your session to the maximum time period using MKE PARK.

Example: You park your car at 9:00 AM at a space/zone with a 2 hour time limit and you pay only until 9:45 AM. You decide you need to park until the maximum limit which would end at 11:00AM. If you wish to use MKE PARK to do so, you must extend your session by no later than 9:45AM. You will be unable to use MKE PARK to pay to extend your session if you wait until the original time expires.

This means if your session ends you must move your vehicle for at least 30 minutes before starting another paid parking session in that zone. This is what is recognized as a '30-minute no return time'. 

Metered parking is limited in time to allow turnover at the parking space and provide more people with access to businesses. By limiting the maximum parking time, more than one vehicle is able to utilize the space. Metered parking promotes short-term parking. If you need to park your vehicle longer than the posted time limit, please park in a parking lot or garage or other area without time limits.

What do I do if I get a parking citation in this area?

Parkmobile does not own, operate, manage or enforce the parking areas. We don’t issue tickets and we can’t remove them for you. We can provide you with the contact information for your parking authority, if you don’t have it, so you can contact them to begin your dispute. You can use your parking receipt from your Personal Pages to include with your dispute.

To dispute a citation, follow the instructions on the ticket. You can log on to your Personal Pages online at to obtain a receipt for your parking session.

Vehicles subject to towing:

• Safety concerns and snow emergencies require immediate towing

• Illegally parked vehicles with 2 or more unpaid parking citations greater than 30 days old

• Parked in tow-away zones

For information, call the City of Milwaukee Violations Bureau: 414-344-0840 (Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm)

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