How can I use Masterpass to pay with ParkMobile?

You can now use Masterpass to pay for parking with Parkmobile. Masterpass securely stores your credit or debit card details so you can pay more quickly on your phone. By choosing to pay for your parking with your Masterpass account you can avoid adding your credit card or other payment method to your Parkmobile account.

Visit the Masterpass website to learn more.

When paying for parking in the mobile app you will have the option to choose to pay with Masterpass.  

After entering your zone/space/vehicle selections you'll be prompted to choose which payment method you want to use to pay for the parking session, and you may be specifically prompted to use Masterpass as an option.

To choose Masterpass, tap the Masterpass icon when choosing a payment method, tap continue to choose your parking duration. You'll then see a confirmation screen for you to review the details of the parking session you are about to start. If you agree, tap the Buy with Masterpass button. If you are already registered with Masterpass you will be prompted to sign in with your Masterpass login credentials, confirm the details on the screen, and tap Continue to start parking. Wait until the Active Session details appear in the app.

If you aren't already registered with Masterpass you will be prompted to register an account with them by entering your contact and payment information. Then you'll be able to continue to use your Masterpass account to pay for your parking, as mentioned above.

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