Find My Car Functionality

Find My Car is designed to help you locate your car after you've parked. Hundreds of thousands of our registered customers park in busy metropolitan areas and rely on this functionality to not have to remember where they parked their vehicle. You simply park, pay for parking, save your location using Find My Car. In order to ensure the best results for this functionality, please make sure to have location services turned on for the Parkmobile app.

After paying for parking, go to the Find My Car section from the menu. Use your current location to mark where your vehicle is parked. You can also use the camera icon and clipboard icon to save details about the surroundings in the parking area. The camera icon will allow to to store photos of landmarks, and the clipboard will allow you to save notes about your location. Be sure to save your vehicle location before exiting the app. When you are ready to go back to your vehicle, go back to the Find My Car section to see where your vehicle is marked. At this point, the map will have your current location and the location of your vehicle displayed on the map.

We encourage you to go through the quick tutorial when you enter the Find my Car portion of the app.

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