Space-by-space real-time availability


Beginning Wednesday, February 7th, Parking Availability will be live in Arlington, VA, for all users. For more information on parking availability for space by space, read on below.

What is the Parking Availability feature?

The Parking Availability feature gives you the ability to see exactly where open parking spots are around you. Now you can drive directly to the areas where there’s plenty of available parking! Check out the video above to see exactly how it works.

How do I get the Parking Availability feature?

Parking Availability is a feature reserved for ParkMobile Pro members. You are able to sign up for a ParkMobile Pro membership in the iOS or Android app. For more information about ParkMobile Pro, click here.

Select cities have enabled real-time sensor or zone-level predictive parking availability for all users. You can turn on the map layer to check availability in your area.

How do I turn on/off Parking Availability in the app?

Tap the layers button in the bottom right of the map screen.


Check the box for “Availability” to turn the parking availability feature on or off.


How does Parking Availability work?

ParkMobile Pro Predictive Street Availability

In the map view on the app, you will see streets marked with green, yellow, red, and gray colors. Here are what each of the colors mean:


  • Gray:  No parking is available
  • Red: All spots are likely full
  • Orange:  There are likely a few spots available
  • Green: There are many spots available

Real-Time Space Availability (Select Cities)

Select cities have opted to provide real-time parking availability for all app users in their area. In these areas, you will see individual spaces marked with a green or gray circle. Green circles indicate an available spot and gray circles indicate an unavailable spot.



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