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What changes are happening to the parking program in New York City?

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the City of New York is taking many steps to prevent the spread of the virus. In an effort to reduce people spreading germs by touching city parking meters, the City of New York is encouraging all residents and visitors to pay for parking using an app. To help increase mobile parking app usage and adoption, the city is adding the availability of the ParkMobile app, in addition to the city’s current ParkNYC app. You can read more about it in this press release.

Why is the city adding a second mobile app?

The ParkMobile app has a large network of over 2.7 million users in the tri-state area. By enabling people who already have the app on their phone to use it in New York City, this will help increase app usage versus the parking meter and prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Will the zone numbers for the ParkNYC app work in the ParkMobile app?

Yes. All the zone numbers that you see on the stickers and signs around the parking meters will work in both the ParkNYC and ParkMobile apps. All the rates and policies for those zone numbers will be identical.

Will my ParkNYC account work in the ParkMobile app?

No. The two apps are not connected. You will have to create a new account in the ParkMobile app. This is a simple 3-step process. You provide an email and password, add your vehicle license plate, and setup your method of payment. You can watch this short video demo to learn how to setup your ParkMobile account. Additionally, your ParkMobile account will not work in the ParkNYC app.

What’s the difference between the ParkNYC app and the ParkMobile app?

ParkNYC is an app that was built by ParkMobile for the City. So, though the ParkNYC and ParkMobile apps essentially run on the same platform. However, there are some key differences between them:

  • The ParkNYC app is only available in New York City, while the ParkMobile app can be used to pay for parking in over 400 cities across the country.
  • The ParkNYC app uses a digital wallet that requires a minimum of a $25 load. The ParkMobile app lets you pay as you go and there is no pre-loaded wallet requirement. The app accepts all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.
  • The ParkMobile app has a $0.15 transaction fee as part of the parking payment. A small transaction fee is industry standard for mobile apps in most cities. The ParkNYC app currently has no transaction fee.
  • The ParkMobile app offers parking reservations in garages in the city. The ParkNYC app does not have this feature.
  • The ParkMobile app has an enhanced user experience, providing a map view to show where the parking spots are in your area.

Can my ParkNYC Wallet be used in the ParkMobile app?

No. The ParkNYC wallet is only available in the ParkNYC app and will not transfer to the ParkMobile app. Any transactions in the ParkMobile app must be made using a credit card. 

What credit cards are accepted in the ParkMobile app?

The ParkMobile app accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Will I pay a transaction fee in the ParkMobile app if I extend the time of the parking session?

No. The transaction fee is only applied to the start of the parking session. There is no additional transaction fee to extend time.

Will my commercial and/or fleet vehicles be able to pay for parking using the ParkMobile app?

No. The ParkMobile app is only available for passenger vehicles. All commercial and/or fleet vehicles must still use the ParkNYC app to pay for parking. You can get more information on the ParkNYC business accounts here.

Can I still pay for parking at the meter? 

The parking meters in the city will still be on and can accept payment. However, the city recommends that everyone pay using either the ParkMobile or ParkNYC apps in an effort to reduce the spread of germs.

Can I still pay for parking by calling a phone number?

If you have been paying for parking using the ParkNYC Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, there will be no changes to that service. The IVR phone number is 1-877-727-5307.

Who do I contact if I need help with the ParkMobile app?

If you need assistance, please visit the ParkMobile Help Center.

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