Philadelphia Parking Authority meterUP's Tiered Pricing


The parking authority has chosen to change the way pricing is calculated in the ParkMobile system. Note that the information in this article is ONLY for parking areas operated by Philadelphia Parking Authority in Philadelphia, PA where Parkmobile is offered. In these parking areas operated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority in Philadelphia, PA the zone number ranges from 990000-999999 and 910000-949999.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is offering an increased maximums when the parking session is extended, and these zones have a progressive rate in place. What this means is the hourly rate of the session will increase as the amount of hours you choose increases.

One example of the rate structure is - Parking in Zone 919126:

2 hours - $3.00 per hour

Extend for 2 additional hours - $6.00 per hour

Extend for 2 additional hours - $12.00 per hour

In this way, the system will allow a total of 6 hours of parking. Please note; however, that these sessions must be processed as extensions. If the original session expires, the no parking return time will start and one would not be able to start a new session in the same zone for a period of 30 minutes.

Tiered pricing structure is not reflected on the meters and there is no signage on street but this is detailed in the city ordinance. For more information please visit their website. If you have questions or concerns about the rates in your area, please contact Philadelphia directly. 


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