ParkMobile Standard Signage and Stickers

‘Standard’ signage consists of ParkMobile branding, font, partner logo, and language.  Additional partner-specific branding (colors, fonts, etc), as well as any signage that contains specific language not provided by ParkMobile, are considered non-standard.



Standard ParkMobile stickers come in various sizes, but dimensions are based on the available room of the client’s meter equipment. 

  • ParkMobile will provide one sticker per single space meter at no cost to the client.  Sticker to be placed on the street-facing side of the meter.

  • ParkMobile will provide up to three stickers (if room available) per multi-space meter at no cost to the client.  Two stickers for the sides of the multi-space meter and one sticker for the payment side of the multi-space meter.


Standard ParkMobile signage comes in two different sizes.  12x18 signs (size of a standard handicap sign) is predominately used for on-street environments but can also be used in off-street locations.  18x24 signs are predominately used for off-street locations.  The number of standard signs at no cost to the client is directly related to the number of spaces per metered location and parking environment.


  On-Street Off-Street
        Metered                         ParkMobile Only                       Metered                      ParkMobile Only               
       1 Sign for every:        6 Spaces 4 Spaces 15 Spaces 8 Spaces



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