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Instructions for Bidders


When: Bids must be submitted by February 26, 2021 

Where: ParkMobile LLC ( 

How: Bids must be submitted electronically via email 

Pre-bid Q&A: A pre-bid Q&A session will be held on January 27th, 2021 3:00-5:00 EST via Zoom (  See Appendix B for further details. 

Questions may be submitted ahead to the email box listed above. 


ParkMobile helps millions of people easily find and pay for parking on their mobile devices. People can use ParkMobile solutions to quickly pay for street and garage parking without having to use a meter or kiosk. Additionally, ParkMobile offers parking reservations for concerts, sporting events, airports, campuses and more.  Our software allows consumers and parking operators to seamlessly interact and complete parking transactions.  

 Consumers typically learn that the convenient ParkMobile solution is available through signage posted in parking areas.  The signage typically conveys the applicable ‘zone number’ for parking so that consumers can correctly input their location into the ParkMobile app.  In addition, the signage creates awareness of the ParkMobile brand and educates consumers about other ways to pay within the ParkMobile network.   


Bid Conditions

RFP responses and bids must be received by 5:00 PM February 26, 2021 at the email address listed above.  Each bidder will submit via email a direct response to this RFP plus any supporting material.  These materials will be property of ParkMobile, LLC and will not be returned. 


Bid Format

All written responses can be submitted in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF (or equivalent) format.  All pricing bids for signage should be submitted in format of accompanying Excel spreadsheet.  Note that signage samples will be requested for finalists; do not send signage samples ahead of notification as a finalist. 


Proposing Equivalent or Improved Products

If the bidder offers equivalent products or those with better/differentiated feature sets than what is listed, please make that clear in the pricing bid. 

MBE/WBE/DBE Participation

ParkMobile highly encourages meaningful participation of Minority/Women/Disadvantaged-owned enterprises in this bid.  Please provide certificate as part of response.


Evaluation Metrics, Criteria, and Decision date

The Proposer’s overall methodology to successfully provide services will be assessed for its feasibility, responsiveness to the Scope of Services, effectiveness, and thoroughness.  

The following lists our selection criteria in a weighted percentage (not in order): 


  • Ability to leverage business process management software (see below) 
  • Signage order tracking visibility through process management software 
  • Vendor financial stability 
  • MBE/WBE/DBE criteria 
  • Services approach and demonstrated understanding of the requirements 
  • Turn-around times are prompt and acceptable to ParkMobile with contractually agreed service levels 
  • The proposer demonstrates a high level of customer service and project deadlines are consistently met 
  • Samples provided are of high-quality and show experience in producing materials like those needed by ParkMobile (for finalists only, see note above) 
  • Proposer’s qualifications and experience in providing the specified services for similar operations and/or entities 
  • The proposer’s staffing levels and organizational structure ensure that ParkMobile’s signage orders would receive satisfactory attention.  Availability of an Account Manager 
  • Reasonableness of the proposed costs in accordance with what is considered standard and customary for services amongst competitors – a basis on which prices are quoted 

ParkMobile anticipates a final decision on or about March 19, 2021. 


Contract Period

Our contract shall be in effect for one year with the option for one year extensions at the same agreed upon cost at ParkMobile’s discretion. ParkMobile at its sole discretion, shall have the right to terminate the contract upon thirty (30) days written notice.

Vendor invoices Requirements

  • Be able to provide a copy of your W-9 and, if you wish to receive ACH payments, provide a copy of either your bank authorization letter or a copy of a voided check. Do not embed these details into the body of the email. 
  • Be able to send all billing invoices to: 
  • Provide a billing point of contact for any future billing questions and to receive automatic payment notifications. 

Shipping and Delivery

Signs will be shipped directly to ParkMobile clients. 


Insurance Requirements

Vendor should be able to provide proof of insurance on request. 


Multiple Selection

ParkMobile at its discretion may select more than one vendor for this bid. 


Minimum Requirements for Vendor Participation

  • At least three (3) years’ experience & References for similar services during a consecutive three (3) year period providing the proposed services in this RFP 
  • Demonstrate experience with a variety of printing processes and techniques 
  • Experience with a wide variety of print stock and production 
  • Ability to provide reliable pickup or delivery services within two (2) business days of completion 
  • Proposer mistakes at no cost to ParkMobile 
  • ParkMobile will send the Signage Order to the proposer for review. Proposer must respond within 1 day along with a written Quote and corresponding cost for each material, preferably using ordering system as outlined belowThe Quote shall include all quantities, item number, materials, Unit price, taxes, shipping fees, total cost 

Vendor Information

Please answer or provide information about the following: 

  1. Please provide an executive summary of your business and highlights of the bid. 
  2. Describe your business:  
    1. Operating locations 
    2. Capital structure and financial health 
    3. Ownership structure 
    4. Number of employees grouped by role 
    5. History of business 
  3. Note any awards or recognition received by your company. 
  4. Provide 3-5 customer references and their contact information. 
  5. What kind of warranties are available for your signage? 
  6. Describe your normal operating hours. 
  7. Describe any relevant internal quality processes for signage manufacturing. 
  8. Describe any relevant certifications. 
  9. Your proposed Service Level Agreements for: 
    1. Response time for support 
    2. Turnaround time for sign proofs and shipment of sign orders 
    3. Any penalties or rewards you propose for achievement of Service Level Agreements 
  10. Business Continuity Plan 
  11. MBE/WBE/DBE certificate 

Ordering system

ParkMobile would prefer to work with a vendor that has an online ordering system to help manage the business process.  Currently, ParkMobile clients request signage as part of a signage refresh or as part of a new implementation.  The current process is cumbersome because it requires ParkMobile to use email to initiate the work order, create signage proofs, send proofs to vendor, and generate tracking numbers (see Appendix A for current process description).  Our ideal vendor would be able to provide (or integrate to) a business process management portal to allow ParkMobile to 1) reduce email traffic, 2) route approvals to appropriate personnel, 3) easily track signage completion progress, and 4) reduce manual steps.  Please include in our RFP response any technology you employ to facilitate this process and what business problems it may solve.  ParkMobile is willing to purchase software licenses (if necessary) to facilitate the process.  


Please see accompanying spreadsheet for details.  Our overall signage volumes in a typical year are approximately 63K units of stickers and signage combined. 

Signage Materials

  • QR codes 
  • Ora-jet material 
  • Potential new feature: NFC 
  • Ability for custom pre-drilled holes 
  • Reflective material 
  • Circular Signage 
  • Ability to print double sided signs 
  • Work with corrugated plastic 
  • Ability to produce stencils 
  • Color specifics. 802c Green is common color (See exhibit A) 
  • Use specific fonts for signage as required


  • .063 aluminum
  • .080 aluminum

Scope of Services

The Proposers Printing service includes various printed materials, which may be produced on a periodic or as-needed basis. ParkMobile does not maintain an in-house printing facility and it is expected that Proposers will offer services based on providing services at their own facility. 

 All print signage produced must be of commercially acceptable quality. All work must be properly aligned, have no fading or smearing, include correct colors and contrast of color, and be packaged in a manner to protect the signage from damage in transit. Vendor mistakes or products of unacceptable quality must be immediately corrected at no cost to ParkMobile. 

 ParkMobile expects firm commitments to delivery dates and times for the services provided. Standard turnaround for production should also be identified. 

 Most orders will be submitted electronically and will require compatible Windows based software to produce masters or first generation copies. Consequently, the service provider must be capable of receiving orders through an electronic request system (as outlined below), or via a website and by e-mail.

For replacement or repeat orders for standard signage, ParkMobile will require the service provider to manage basic changes to standard fields using ParkMobile-provided templates. The service provider must be capable of editing master copies to make updates by a ParkMobile-approved commitment date. This includes but is not limited to: Logos, contact information, or minor copy changes on signage. 

 There will be a requirement for proofs to be provided for approval. Explain in your proposal how ParkMobile staff will be able to “sign-off” on a “proof” electronically if it is required. Provide an explanation of how your company currently receives jobs electronically from customers. 


Download ParkMobile Signage Request for Bids pdf

Download ParkMobile Sign Requirements xlxs

















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