How to Recognize Fraudulent Job Postings

With the internet acting as a primary tool of communication, online scammers are becoming even more prevalent. Now, job seekers are being targeted for online recruitment scams. ParkMobile has recently become aware that individuals claiming to be either ParkMobile employees or companies authorized to speak on our behalf have been fraudulently contacting prospective candidates with fictitious job opportunities and soliciting personal information directly through email or via third-party online platforms, including Telegram, Upwork, and LinkedIn. We take this fraud very seriously and are working with third-party platforms and law enforcement to investigate and remove fake profiles.

Please read below for ways to check the authenticity of communications and protect yourself from these scams.

  • Be suspicious if you haven’t applied for a job with ParkMobile but received an offer of employment. ParkMobile never sends unsolicited employment offers or contracts.
  • Notice if there are misspellings or grammar errors. These are often found in the interview communication or on the website provided.
  • ParkMobile does not conduct text-only interviews . All ParkMobile interviews are held live over videoconference or in-person with a company representative, never through a text message service such as Telegram.
  • All ParkMobile job postings can be found on our career page. All ParkMobile applicants are required to only apply for ParkMobile jobs through
  • Employment offers only come from a valid email address. ParkMobile does not send employment offers from
  • ParkMobile never requires a form of payment or fee to apply. Fraudulent job offers often ask for financial or personal information early in the process. ParkMobile does not ask for any financial commitment or contribution from a candidate at any stage of the recruitment process.
  • If you are concerned about the legitimacy of a job solicitation from ParkMobile, you can contact our support line at 877-727-5457 and a company representative can help you. You can also contact our Human Resources Department at

If you believe you’ve received unauthorized or fraudulent communications, we recommend that you do not respond, but please notify us by sending an email to:

The Federal Trade Commission provides a helpful resource for those that are scammed: If you have been scammed online, you may also report the crime through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center’s website (


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