What if I accidentally pay for the incorrect space number?

It is very important to review all of your parking details before activating your parking transaction. Parking transactions can't be adjusted once started, as no parking operator allows us to have that functionality. Should you start a transaction on the wrong space number, you will need to start another transaction with the correct space number. If space number is required in your area, officers will use it to view your parking payment. You can create a second parking session using the correct information after the 3 minute delay window has been observed by the system. Currently, the only methods to start a 2nd session are on our website using your mobile browser (http://us.parkmobile.com/mobile/), or by dialing in to the automated voice response system. Note that this means you WILL be initiating another parking transaction and therefore another charge to your payment method on file. We can't refund you for any mistaken transaction, as ParkMobile is only the payment solution and does not collect the parking fees you pay. Your parking charges go directly to the parking operator for your area, and ParkMobile does not have the ability or access to refund or reverse charges to your card. 

If you receive a citation due to using the wrong space number in your transaction, you will still have the opportunity to request a dismissal of the citation, directly with the parking operator. You'll need to access your ParkMobile Personal Pages with your username and password to retrieve your parking payment. You can use this verification of your payment in your request for a one-time forgiveness dismissal. ParkMobile doesn't issue or handle citations, and certainly can't guarantee the outcome of any adjudication request you may choose to make, but having proof you did pay for parking, just with an error in your transaction, will go a long way in stating your case.

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