Can I use a different credit card for business expenses?

You can add a secondary method of payment to your Parkmobile profile. The secondary payment method could be used for business parking expenses, and it would also serve as a back-up card in case your primary card type is not accepted in the city in which you're parking or if the charge presented to the primary card fails. If you choose to add the secondary card for business parking, you would have to toggle back and forth between the personal and business cards on an as needed basis. Swapping between your primary and secondary cards can be done in the Personal Pages online and in the mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

A better option for business purposes is to set up a separate Parkmobile account for your business parking needs. You could use the same mobile phone number and license plate number, but you would register on our website as a company/fleet owner with your business payment information. This option would also allow for more accurate tracking of your spending for business parking. If you choose this option, our automated voice response system would ask you to specify which account you'd like to use each time you dial in to start a parking session.

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