How can I avoid getting a parking ticket or other penalty?

Parking operators typically issue a citation, a wheel boot, or tow your car because you have either exceeded the amount of time allowed in that zone or parking space, or there is no record of your parking transaction. If you leave your parking space or zone without activating your parking transaction, consider that any delay in processing the transaction could result in a parking citation. Parkmobile cannot guarantee that you will never receive a citation, but we can give you some guidelines for how to use the service correctly and decrease your chances of receiving a citation. The following guidelines typically resolve most of the citation issues we have heard.   

        Ensure that you adhere to local parking regulations. If you park your car in a zone that enforces a maximum time limit (e.g., 2 or 8 hours), make sure you adhere to the posted parking regulations for that area. See posted parking meter or lot regulation signs for details on parking times and costs.

o       In areas where parking turnover is low, you MAY be able to restart your parking session for another hour or two hours until you have reached the end of the parking time, depending on your parking authorities rules. For example, the city allows you to park at a meter from 08:00 (8 AM) until 17:00 (5 PM), but the meter's maximum parking time is 2 hours. If you park at the meter at 08:00 (8 AM), you must either stop and then restart your parking transaction for another 2 hours, or you must extend the parking session for another 2 hours depending on the type of parking transaction.

o       In other areas where parking turnover is high, you can only stay parked for the hour or two hour maximum time limit and then you must return to your car and leave the parking area (zone) for a specified amount of time before you can come back and start another parking transaction. For example, the city only allows you to be parked at a meter for 2 hours from 08:00 (8 AM) to 17:00 (5 PM) before you must leave the area (zone) for 30 minutes. So if you park at this meter at 08:00 (8 AM), you must return to your car by 10:00 (10 AM) and leave the zone area for 30 minutes before you can return and park again for another 2 hours.

        Start your parking transaction before you leave your car to avoid potential delays in starting and processing your parking transaction. The longer your vehicle sits with no corresponding parking transaction, the higher the risk of receiving a citation. While it is a common occurrence to start a parking transaction after you leave your car and then board a bus, train, or ferry, you risk receiving a citation until your parking transaction is activated and confirmed. Activating your transaction using the automated phone system in a train station or in an area where the background noise is loud may take longer because the automated phone system may not be able to interpret your information correctly. If using the mobile app while the train is in route, you may experience intermittent coverage or have no wireless signal, which could delay parking activation and increase the length of time your car is parked illegally.

        Ensure that you receive confirmation that Parkmobile received and processed your parking transaction.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive some form of parking confirmation, then Parkmobile likely has no record of your transaction, and parking enforcement officers will view your vehicle as illegally parked and issue a citation, wheel boot, or tow your car.  Whatever your preferred method for starting your Parkmobile transaction, ensure you've received confirmation (by voice, text, email, or on-screen) that your session has been activated before you leave your vehicle. 

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