How do I change my payment method in the Parkmobile app for Windows Phone?

You can update your payment information within your Windows app by following the directions here:

Tap the Settings Wheel – Vehicles Page appears first but swipe to the left or right until you reach the ‘CC Info’ Page. Currently you cannot update your credit card information within the Windows app. If you tap the arrow at the bottom of this page it will take you to the mobile web version of our system and you must login again there and change your credit card information within our mobile web site.

There are several payment methods allowed within the Parkmobile system but you must choose one that is accepted by your parking authority. You would not want to try to use PayPal, for example, in an area that doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method. So only choose to add the Parkmobile Wallet or PayPal if you are certain that payment method is accepted in your area. To view a list of which areas accept these payment methods you can view the links on that page or locate this information in our Help Center.

To update your credit card info within the mobile web:

Tap the Settings button at bottom – tap Payment Method Management – Near the bottom of the page you’ll see the Credit Card section and the credit card information you’ve previously added to your account. Tap the appropriate button at the bottom of the page (Update Primary Card, Update Secondary Card, Add Secondary Card, Remove Secondary Card, or Swap Primary and Secondary Card) depending on the current status of your account. To simply update your Primary Credit Card with your new information, tap Update Primary Card. On the page that opens you’ll enter your card type, card number, expiration date, card security code, and your card’s billing zip code. Tap Save.

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