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Getting Started:


Where can I download the ParkColumbus app? 

The ParkColumbus app is a free download available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


How do I set up the ParkColumbus app?

Setting up the ParkColumbus app is a quick and easy process. First, you create an account with an email address and password. Then you add your vehicle(s) and payment method(s). Once you have completed those steps, you are ready to start using the ParkColumbus app.


What are the password requirements for a ParkColumbus account?

 Password must be between 8-25 characters in length, contain at least 1 upper case character, 1 lower case character, a number (0-9), and a special character (!@#$%^&).


Do I have to download the app to use ParkColumbus?

 The ParkColumbus app provides the most features and best user experience. However, we do also offer a mobile-first web experience that you can use here:


Can I use ParkColumbus if I don't have a smartphone?

 Yes. As long as you have a cell phone, you can call into our interactive voice response (IVR) service and set up an account. Once you have an account with ParkColumbus, you can call the number posted on the stickers and signs around the meter or parking spot and make a parking payment over the phone.


Do I need to turn on location services to use the ParkColumbus app?

We do recommend turning on location services when using the ParkColumbus app. Doing so will help quickly identify the available parking in your area and provide a better overall user experience. However, you are not required to turn on location services to use the app.


Do I need to create an account to use the ParkColumbus app?

You can use the ParkColumbus app to search for available parking in your area without creating an account. However, if you want to pay for parking with the app, you will need to create an account.

Does ParkColumbus offer Company Fleet or Business Accounts?

 Yes. Companies can use ParkMobile to manage parking payments for fleet and commercial vehicles. You can find more information on how to setup a ParkMobile business account here.


Searching the Parking Map:


Can I use the ParkColumbus app to see where I am likely to find an available parking spot?

 Zone markers in the ParkColumbus mobile app are colored to indicate the likelihood of finding an open spot. When viewing the map, you will see red, orange, and green color-coded location markers. Here is what each of the colors mean:

  • Red: All spots are likely full
  • Orange: There are likely a few spots available
  • Green: There are likely many spots available

Black location markers do not have availability data but are still available to start a parking session. Availability is not displayed on the ParkColumbus web app.


Can I search for parking with specific features?

 When viewing the parking map for locations that support on-demand mobile payments, you can tap the filter icon next to the search bar to view a list of options for narrowing what is displayed on the map. You can search for on-street or off-street parking in addition to important features like accessible parking, EV charging, and valet.


When searching for reserved parking locations, you can tap the filter icon next to the search bar to narrow your query based on a wide range of parking features to find locations that accept mobile passes, allow re-entry, and more.



Paying for Parking:


How do I find parking in my location?      

In the ParkColumbus app, you will see a map view of mobile payment parking in your area marked by pins on the map that contain zone numbers. This shows all the places where you can use ParkColumbus to pay for parking. Be sure to confirm the correct zone number by identifying it on the ParkColumbus signs or stickers around the meter or in the area where you are parked.


What is a Zone Number?

The ParkColumbus zone number identifies a specific parking area like a particular spot, section of the street, or parking lot. This zone number is required to start your parking session. You can find the zone number located on stickers and signage around the meter or lot.


How do I use the ParkColumbus app to pay for parking in my location?        

Once you've downloaded the ParkColumbus app and setup your account, enter the zone number listed on the stickers and signs around the parking meter or space into the app. Select the amount of time you'd like to park, your vehicle, and the payment method. Then touch the "Start Parking" button to begin your parking session. You will see a countdown clock showing how much time is remaining in your parking session. You can extend your parking time up to the maximum time allowed for that spot.


Can I reserve parking ahead of time?       

ParkColumbus offers pre-paid parking reservations in lots and garages. To make a reservation, select the "Reserve" button in the main navigation of the app. You can also make a parking reservation at You can search for parking in the location where you are going and see all of your parking reservations options in the area. Once you find the garage or lot where you want to park, book your reservation, and you will get instructions on how to redeem your parking at the garage. See more information in the "Parking Reservations" section of the FAQ.


How will enforcement officers know I've paid for my parking session?

Once you have started a parking session, ParkMobile will record that information in our system and make it visible to the enforcement officers on site. Enforcement officers will use a handheld device to lookup your zone number, space number (if needed) and license plate number to confirm that you have paid for parking. That is why it is always important to verify your license plate in the app before you start the parking session.


What is the difference between "Pay by Plate" parking and "Pay by Space" parking?

Different cities and operators set up their parking programs in different ways. Some do "Pay By Plate," where you pay for a parking space that is validated by your license plate number. Others do "Pay by Space," where you enter the zone number and then a specific space number usually painted on the street or curb. If you are in a "Pay By Space" location, you will first enter your zone number in the ParkColumbus app. You will then be prompted to enter the space number. You must enter the space number correctly, so the enforcement personnel knows that you have paid for that specific space.


Can I extend my parking time?

 In most locations, you can extend your parking time up to the maximum allowed for the parking spot. For example, if you are parking in a spot that allows for a maximum of 2 hours of parking, you can pay for one hour, then extend up to an additional hour. You cannot extend past the maximum time allowed. In certain areas, you will pay either a flat rate or pay when you leave the parking spot. In these cases, there is no need to extend your parking time.


Where do I find my parking history or receipts?

You can view your recent parking history in the ParkColumbus app. Touch the "Activity" button in the main navigation, then select "History." You will see your recent parking transactions.  You can also login to your account to view your full history at After logging in, select "Parking History" to access your information.


Can I stop or cancel my parking session?

Certain zones allow you to "Stop" a parking session. If you are in a zone where it is permitted, you will see a "Stop" button on the screen with your active parking session. When you leave the parking spot, touch the "Stop" button to end your parking session. If you do not see the "Stop" button, you cannot stop an active session in that zone. Once you start a parking session, you cannot cancel it in the app.


Can I change the zone number while in an active parking session?    

Once you start a parking session, you cannot change the zone number in the app. If you accidentally entered the wrong zone number, you should immediately start another parking session with the correct zone number.


Can I use the ParkColumbus app to pay for more than one car at the same time? 

Yes. After you pay for the first car, go back into the app and start another parking session for the other vehicle(s). Make sure you select the correct license plate for the other car you are paying for before starting the parking session. Note, you can pay for up to five different vehicles at any one time.


What if I get a parking ticket?        

If you paid for parking with ParkColumbus and still received a ticket, you can contest the citation with your local parking authority. The most common reason people get tickets when using ParkColumbus is that they paid for the wrong zone number or parked with the wrong vehicle. You can find the information from your parking session in the "Activity" section of the app under "History." You can also find your past transactions at Use this documentation when you dispute the ticket.


Why do the rates shown in the app not match what I see on the signs in my location?

Local parking authorities and parking operators set the parking rates and provide that information to us. If you see a discrepancy with a rate in the app versus the meter, please visit our Help Center ( and open a support ticket. We will need you to provide us with detailed information on the issue so we can investigate further.


Can I use ParkColumbus to pay for parking in other cities?

Yes! ParkMobile is available in over 400 cities across North America. You can use the ParkColumbus app wherever you see signs that say, "ParkMobile Accepted."


How do I get a ParkMobile promo code?

ParkMobile will occasionally offer promo codes in certain areas in partnership with cities and operators. If there is a promo code available in your area, you will get an email with more information. You can also follow ParkMobile's social media channels to learn about new promo codes.


How do I redeem a promo code?

You can enter a promo code on the confirmation screen before you start the parking session. Touch the "Add Promo Code" link that appears under the price. You can also add promo codes by touching "Settings" in the main navigation then select "Promotion Codes." Select "Add New" and enter your promo code or scan the QR code.


Does ParkColumbus offer resident discounts?

Columbus residents living in existing permit parking zones are required to purchase a permit to be exempt from the posted on-street restrictions. To apply for a resident permit, click here


Can I get a refund?  

Please contact the ParkMobile customer service team at 877-727-5457.


Can I use ParkColumbus for ADA Accessible parking? 

In some locations, you can use ParkColumbus to pay for ADA Accessible parking. You will still need to have the proper credentials to qualify to park in those spots. Refer to the signage around the specific parking spots for more information. You can also lookup the particular rules for ADA Accessible parking zone numbers on the ParkMobile Help Center -


I only need to park for 15 minutes, but the app makes me buy an hour of parking time. Why can't I pay for shorter time increments in the ParkColumbus app?

The city or operator sets the specific pricing and policies for a parking spot. They will determine the time increments you have to pay for parking and the maximum amount of time you can park in a specific spot. ParkMobile does not control these policies. You should contact the city or parking operator to share feedback on rates and policies.


When I enter a zone number, the app says, "Flat Rate" and will not allow me to select a parking duration. Why is this happening?

Some lots offer a flat-rate pricing for a set amount of time or part of the day. For example, a lot may have a $5 flat rate for parking in the evening. If it is a flat rate for parking, that message will appear in the app, and you will not have the ability to modify the parking duration at that specific location. Refer to the signs posted around the lot to get more information.


Why can't I use the credit card I want in certain locations?

Some parking operators do not accept certain forms of payment. It's just like when you go into a retailer or restaurant that does not take a particular credit card.  As a result, ParkColumbus can only let you use the specific payment methods that the operator accepts. So, in some cases, you may not be able to use your preferred method of payment. We recommend having multiple payment types set up in your account to avoid any potential issues.


I paid with ParkColumbus, but the indicator on the parking meter hasn't changed. What do I do?

If you paid in the ParkColumbus app, you do not have to worry if the indicator on the meter has changed or not. As soon as you pay, we record that information in our system so the local enforcement personnel and look it up on their handheld devices. The enforcement personnel will be able to validate that your vehicle has an active parking session with ParkColumbus.


I forgot where I parked. Can ParkColumbus help me find my car?

On the screen with your active parking session, you will see a link that says, "Find My Car." Touch that link, and it will navigate you back to the operator-provided GPS locations for the zone number where your car is parked.


What is the ParkMobile transaction fee?


The transaction fee is the convenience charge collected by ParkMobile each time a user pays for parking. This fee is on top of the regular parking fee. For example, if you pay for 2 hours of parking and the cost is $2 per hour, your total cost will be $4 plus the ParkMobile transaction fee. The amount of the transaction fees will vary by location.


Managing Your ParkColumbus Account:


How do I set up my parking alerts and reminders?        

In the ParkColumbus app, touch the "Settings" icon in the main navigation, then select "Notifications." From this section, you can enable, disable, and customize your settings for email, text, and push notifications.


How do I reset my password?

It's quick and easy to reset your password. In the app, tap "Forgot your Password" and enter the mobile number or email associated with your ParkColumbus account. You will receive a message with reset instructions.


How do I add or delete a payment method?         

In the ParkColumbus app, touch the "Settings" icon in the main navigation. In "Settings", select "Payment Methods". Touch "Add New" to set up a new payment method. You have a variety of payment options to choose from, including major credit cards, PayPay, Apple Pay, as well as a pre-loaded ParkColumbus Wallet. You can drag and drop your payment methods on file to change the default. To delete a payment method, just swipe left on that account. 


Why is my account suspended?

In some instances, your account may be suspended if your credit card on file has expired or if you have experienced a payment failure resulting in a balance due. Contact a ParkMobile customer service representative at 877-727-5457 to update your payment method and reinstate your account.


Who can I contact for more help? 

If you have questions or need help, visit our Help Center at You can find answers to the most common support questions and use the live chat support feature. You can also submit a support ticket, and one of our representatives will get back to you.


How do I add vehicles or license plates to my account?

In the ParkColumbus app, touch "Settings" then "Vehicles." In this section, you can add, remove, or edit vehicles on your account. You can store up to five cars. Touch the "Add New" button to add a vehicle. Enter your license plate number, the state where the vehicle is registered, and a "nickname" for your car. The nickname could be the make/model of the vehicle (ex. Honda Accord) or another descriptive phrase you will recognize (ex. rental car). You must double-check the license plate number you are entering to avoid getting citations. Note, a common error people make is mistaking the number "0" for the letter "O" and vice versa.


How do I change the phone number or email address for my account?          

In the ParkColumbus app, touch the "Settings" icon in the main navigation. Then select "Account Settings." You can update your email, phone number, and password in this section. You can also activate Face ID.


How do I delete my account?

You’ll need to open a support ticket in the Help Center if you would like to delete your account. Please provide your mobile number, license plate number, and the last 4 digits of the card on file for you. You will receive an email confirmation once the account deletion is complete.


Hourly Parking Reservations:


What is an hourly parking reservation?

 An hourly parking reservation is a way to pre-pay for a guaranteed parking spot in a specific lot or garage on a set date and time.


Can I make a reservation for on-street parking?

You are not able to make a reservation for on-street parking, only in garages and lots.


How do I make hourly parking reservations with ParkColumbus?

You can make reservations in the ParkColumbus mobile or web app. In the main navigation of the app, touch the "Reserve" icon. Then you can search for an address and see pins on the map with the available inventory in that area. When you find the location that meets your needs, you can select the date and time for your reservation and then touch "Reserve Your Spot." You can find your parking reservation in the "Activity" section of the app under "Upcoming." At most locations, you can cancel up to 3 hours before the reservation.


Event Parking Reservations:


Why should I make an event parking reservation instead of driving up to the lot?  

Parking lots often sell out for big events. By making a reservation ahead of time, not only will you have a guaranteed spot, but you will also know which lot to park in. So, you don't have to waste time driving around looking for parking before the event, saving you time and frustration.


Is it more expensive to make an event parking reservation?  

Parking rates are established by the parking operator and are subject to change based on demand.   


Why are the prices different at different lots?  

Parking lot operators determine pricing at the lots. Often, lots closer to the venue will cost more than lots farther away.


How do I make an event parking reservation?  

In the ParkColumbus mobile or web app, search for your venue. It will be marked on the map by a pin with a ticket icon. You will then see a list of upcoming events at that venue.  Select your event, and you will see all of the parking options for the venue. You can review the details for each lot to make sure it meets your needs. You can also filter the lots for specific features (oversized vehicles, tailgating permissions, etc.). Select your lot and click "Reserve." You then have to create or log in to your account. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to make your reservation.


Do I have to have an account to make a parking reservation?  

No. On the ParkColumbus web app, you can make a reservation and checkout as a guest. In the ParkColumbus app, you have to create an account to make a parking reservation.


Do I reserve a specific spot in the lot?  

You will not get a specific parking space in the lot. But you have a guarantee that there will be a spot available for you in that lot.


How do I redeem my reserved parking at the event?  

After you make the parking reservation, you will get a confirmation email with instructions on how to redeem parking at the venue. Some lots will use a mobile pass with a QR code to gain access. Other lots will require a printed parking pass. Make sure to read the directions before you head to the venue.  


Where do I find the parking permit I've purchased for the event?  

You will receive the permit via email. You can also find your reservation in both the ParkColumbus mobile and web apps. You will find your reservation in the "Activity" section under the "Upcoming" tab in the mobile app. On the ParkColumbus web app, you need to log in to your account. Then go to the "Reservations" link in the navigation bar on the right.


How do I find the lot where I have a reservation?  

Your parking permit will have the exact address for the lot where you have a reservation. The reservation will also include a link that provides turn-by-turn directions to the entrance ramp of the lot via Google or Apple Maps.  


I forgot my printed pass. What can I do?  

Talk to the attendant at the parking lot. Make sure to show him the confirmation email with your reservation. 


Can I cancel my parking reservation?  

You can cancel your parking reservation for most lots up to three hours before the event. Go to your reservation in the ParkColumbus app or website.  You will see a "Cancel Reservation" button. Click that button to cancel. You will receive a confirmation that you have canceled your reservation. If you do not see a "Cancel Reservation" button, the lot where you have a reservation does not allow you to cancel or you have missed the cancellation window.


Who do I contact if I'm having a problem when I get to the venue?  

Call our customer service team at 866-330-4279. 


Additional Languages:


Does the ParkColumbus app support other languages?

You can now use the ParkColumbus app in both English and Spanish. To access the Spanish version of the app, download the latest version of the app and set your iOS or Android device to Spanish.


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